Dr. Zipe Headmaster VII goggles white/red

Product ID: 96750-44
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Headmaster is the huge frameless goggle with the vision and attitude you always dreamed of. Now it is finally here.

Ventilated lens

Vetilated lens for better air supply

UV Protection

The lens protects your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays.

Frame in soft and flexible pu material

For maximum comfort and best fit

Polycarbonate outer lens

Outer Lens In Unbreakable Polycarbonate

Sealed double lens

The inner and outer lens are sealed to prevent cold air from building up fog

Microfiber pouch

To protect and clean your goggle

Silicone Strap

A thin silicone surface inside the strap makes sure your goggles always stays in place

Italian inner lens

Italian inner lens in Acetate with the best anti-fog on the market

Changable strap

With Zipes Unique Click In System it's easy to change your style and strap

Easy lens changing system

Zipe Transplantation Lens Changing System™ - Change your lens faster than ever