Ice scratcher kit simple

Product ID: 88-12061 / SM-12061
Availability Available, delivered in 1-5 days.

Extremely simple ice scratcher model. Can be installed on all snowmobile models. Installation requires only two holes to be drilled on each side of the track frame. While the scratcher is being used, the track cannot use reverse, but the scratcher can be hidden in the track tunnel easily.

Ice scratchers are essential equipment for snowmobile track system. If the guide rails fall dry, they are in danger of overheating which can cause unfortunate melting and damage to the track system. The guide rails need snow to maintain performance since the snow and ice that splashes to the track system actually does help the rails to keep cool. The scratchers are especially useful on very cold weather and when you're driving on ice. The scratchers can be installed on the track frame, track tunnel or A-arms. If you're driving a liquid cooled sled, get scratchers immediately, since they help keeping the engine cool as well.