LeoVince X-Fight exhaust DT 50 X-Limit

Product ID: SRL-3260
Availability Available, delivered in 1-5 days.

For all 2-stroke 50cc engines destined to the off-road and street use, LeoVince developed the new Hand Made X-Fight, an E-Approved system, perfect to anyone searching for good performance, new brand and aggressive style.

The system is provided with an expansion chamber made in 10/10 mm stainless steel, composed by cones manually TIG welded. These expansion body sections give to the bike a very aggressive look, also thanks to a transparent varnishing.

The stainless steel collector is equipped with two springs near the attachment to both the expansion body and  the silencer. Between the expansion body and silencer junctions, there are also rubber rings which are inserted in order to avoid any oil leak.

The Hand Made X-Fight is completely manufactured in stainless steel, TIG welded. The use of straps and rivets, combined to the oval shape (flattened at the top and the bottom side), reminds the LeoVince Off-Road exhausts.

The silencer is anchored to the frame by a bracket in carbon fiber, a guarantee of maximum lightness and best structural resistance.

The X-Fight line covers a large range of bike models. It offers a good optimization of the performances, always respecting the European Regulations.


DT50, X-Limit, XTM