LeoVince GP exhaust Nitro, Aerox '00-01

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From evolution to revolution. This is the strategy taken by LeoVince in the field of special exhausts homologated for the 2-stroke engine.

The protagonist being the Scoot Hand Made GP system, a product that has been developed thanks to the MotoGP competition experience acquired and which offers totally novel solutions in terms of technology and design excellence.

Whilst at the same time highlighting the corporate philosophy of this Monticello d'Alba based company aimed at "accompanying" its customers in their motorbike evolution.

The Scoot GP system being also part of the totally "Hand Made" product range.

The outer bodywork being in line with the conformation of the MotoGP exhausts of limited length, with a "substantial" section, and large diameter cut exit.

It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which is a material particularly resistant to mechanical and thermal strain as well as to atmospheric agents; adopted for the very first time on a system of this type.

The body consists of a set of segments (from 8 to 9 depending on the model) assembled with highly accurate and visible TIG welding, giving it a clear sporty styling.

The fixture brackets also being made of this same impeccable AISI 304 stainless steel material.

The appealing aesthetic look of the GP conceals a clearly two-stroke structural format: for the first 3/4ths of length, the system has effectively a conic-counterconical format, then for the last part, the external body conceals a chamber coated by soundproofing material, and than a silencer.

The result is enhanced performance levels-obviously within the limits laid down by the code, and a civilized sound level, that is also highly personalized, which completes the winning impact of this product.


Nitro, Aerox, Kat '00-01, SR

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