Engine YX 150

Availability Available, delivered in 1-5 days.

Complete air cooled 150cc engine kit. Suitable for dirtbikes, Monkey/Dax mopeds and other vehicles that have had 50-125cc horizontal cylinder engine installed before. The engine has four gears, all facing upwards. The set contains complete, ready-to-use engine, flywheel cover, kick start and gear shift pedals, manifold, manifold gaskets and engine bolts.

Check the attached wiring diagram. If required, grab this CDI unit and this ignition coil shown in the image.

Please note that this engine is a racing product with no 100% warranty. If you are unsure, you shouldn't purchase this item.

Transmission ratio: Primary gear 3.722 (18/67), 1st gear 3.272 (11/36), 2nd gear 1.937 (16/31), 3rd gear 1.350 (20/27), 4th gear 1.043 (23/24).


  • Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 2 valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 60 x 53.3 mm
  • Compression ratio: 10:1.5
  • Capacity: 150
  • Size: 435 x 285 x 235
  • Torque: 11.2 Nm/7500 rpm
  • Power: 10/9500


On this engine model the breather (1) has been covered with a rubber plug (2) to protect the breather during transport and installation. Before commissioning the engine, you must connect the breather tube (3) into the breather.